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Consulting Services

We at 3Cs provides answers to the questions "What do we do next? How should we approach it? Who will do it, and when?". We can help you develop your strategic IT plan and help you implement it through our Consulting Services, Outsourcing & Placement Services and ERP Implementation Services.

Strategy and Planning
The 3Cs approach to working with clients typically starts with strategy and planning workshops that help you examine your business and IT challenges - and the potential solutions to those challenges. 3Cs helps you build an IT strategy that is closely aligned with clearly understood, well-defined business goals and key challenges, both short- and long-term. With strategy clearly defined, you can then embark on implementations and solution deployments that are aligned with your business goals.

ERP Feasibility Services
We prepare a short review of whether it is feasible for an organization like you to start an ERP implementation project. We ask the fundamental question "Are you ready for an ERP?".

Implementation Partner Search
One of the most important factors beyond having a good ERP Application is the need to find the right implementation partner(s). Based on our technology experience and knowledge of the market we can assist you in evaluating the best implementers.

Implementation Health-checks
Are you satisfied with your ERP implementation? Is it taking forever to finish your ERP implementation project? Do you wonder why I don't see any ROI on my ERP investment? Do you wish you had somebody to monitor your implementation from your side? 3Cs can provide health-checks and reviews to make sure that the on-going implementation is on-track and aligned to your IT Strategy goals - before it is too late!

Quick consulting services
We believe that in certain cases large and very comprehensive reports that take weeks of effort are not necessarily what the client needs. Sometimes companies only need short answers to relatively simple questions and it is in those cases that quick consulting services are the best alternative that gives great value for money.


Any other consulting services or support a company might require
3Cs is particularly attentive with respect to our clients' needs and we can customize our services to your specific requirements. We aim to create value for our clients as we believe that it is the best indicator of our success.


Outsourcing and Placement Services

You're about to initiate a huge IT strategic project, but are missing one or more key team members. We can expand your capabilities with our interim staffing service - in real time, seamlessly, without missing a beat.

Interim staffing engagements are comprehensive, temporary assignments that will allow you to select exactly the right skill set for the job, for just the period of time you need. No long-term commitments and no hiring hassles. 3CS will quickly deliver the right resources, often within 10* business days.


ERP Implementation Services

3Cs believes that ERP implementations doesn't have to take months or years. 3Cs can help you implement your ERP application quickly and more proficiently so you can focus on your core business and start realizing your ROI on your ERP investments.

3Cs can assist you to envisage the right ERP solution for your company. We can provide you the vision and the strategy to get you there by working with you, guiding you through the entire life cycle of an ERP solution implementation and to make sure you achieve the desired results as envisaged in your IT Strategy.

Oracle Applications Services
3Cs is run by Oracle professionals. Oracle is at the heart of our services and 3Cs can help you in variety of ways. Whether the project is a large complex global effort or a smaller domestic one, we provide you the skills, experience, best practices, methodologies and tools to get the job done right - the first time.

3Cs consultants are experts in Oracle technology and have extensive business knowledge to design business solutions and implement those solutions in a highly efficient manner. With 3Cs you will be working with a consulting team that has a broad vision - one that understands the potential and the impact of ERP across the entire enterprise.